β€œThe most fundamental reason one paints is in order to see.”

Brett Whiteley

Ever wondered about the process of commissioning an original artwork – this could be as a gift, or maybe for your home or work place?

Throughout history artists have been commissioned to provide original and customised art, mostly portraits but also other works such as landscapes, still life or landscapes. Looking for a new and or original gift that captures a story, a moment in time and or those special memories.

Working closely with an artist to attain a commission work can be enormously rewarding, not just for the client and recipient, but also for the artist. A great example is this is the work of Australian artist Anh Do and the ABC Television series ‘Brush With Fame’.

If you have ever been curious to add that special piece on your wall and or sculpture in your garden, whey not reach out and have a brief conversation with Sylvie. I can help guide you through the process of how to get started in understanding what to expect as well as help you bring to life a new and original artwork, that encapsulates your memories or perhaps makes a wonderful gift for someone special. Commissioned artworks by Sylvie may be a colourful abstract work; a portrait of you and or someone else; your favourite pet(s) and or a wonderful still life painting to the size and creative sentiment that you desire. See below my commissioned work samples.

We are thrilled with our small and inexpensive commissioned portrait of our family dogs, both captured so perfectly in oils!. Sadly both are no longer with us any more, so this painting helps keep them in our memories, looking up at us with such unconditional love.

Jane Doe

Let’s make something beautiful together.