What gives my art the most meaning is when I can connect with others through it.”

Lindsay Stirling

Easy to Get Involved!

Meet the Artists Behind the Work

Giving your time for others is a generous thing, especially when you are a busy artist. We regularly invite guest artists to visit and meet AWS members at our exclusive Online FREE LIVE Master Intensive Studio events. Artists share their insights and our members get the unique experience to meet the artist behind the work.

PleinAirers Painting Group

If you are a student of art or an artist subscribed member of AWS Community you can get updates to attend virtual En Plein Air events with masterful artists. Sessions are exclusive to AWS subscribed members and subject to availability in each virtual session. So don’t missout as each event is designed to help you on your journey learning and connecting while visiting great virtual locations, with great artists, all while in your home studio.

Sharing Ideas and Insights

Your ideas are welcome. We encourage your newsworthy suggestions and feedback on exhibitions or upcoming art courses or online events you are hosting. Where appropriate we also help you promote and share your news in our growing online community. We recognise that together we can do more, so feel free to get in touch today.



Worth Sharing!

  • Storytelling in Watercolour
    Recently, I met with a very humble, talented and powerful story telling watercolour artist called Paul Subhajit.
  • Artists and Their Gardens
    I like to travel and explore gardens and I have number yet to be visited on my bucket list. As a passionate gardener and oil and watercolour artist, I find lots of inspiration in gardens and nature. Mine is an Australian bush garden that is designed to attract our native bees and birds. We haveContinue reading “Artists and Their Gardens”
  • Handy Art Calendar
    I created a handy list of well known and celebrated Art Award/Competitions and Prizes, including both Australian and International events and exhibitions as well.

Become a AWS Art Exibitor

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we seek out established artists who can spare a little time to connect online and talk about their work and or their upcoming exhibitions. These highly personal and insightful conversations are invaluable to art enthusiasts and students of art around the world.