Conversation with April Rimpo in her studio painting cyclists with watercolour

I was recently had that ‘fly on the wall‘ experience watching a bunch of cyclists come to life in watercolour. I joined celebrated artist April Rimpo in her studio, in Maryland USA via zoom to watch her work. April paints a vast and varying number of subects using either liquid acrylics and or watercolour, orContinue reading “Conversation with April Rimpo in her studio painting cyclists with watercolour”

Captured Moments with artist Chan Dissanayake

On a brisk and foggy winter’s morning on Lake Burley Griffen in Canberra, our nations capital city. I was perched on the bank with my new trusty Canon M50 to film Master Watercolourist Chan Dissanayake painting ‘en plein air’. We kicked off about 8.30am and yet the fog was so thick that we had toContinue reading “Captured Moments with artist Chan Dissanayake”

Conversations with Paula Mitchell Painting ‘En Plein Air’

Excited to say I’ve finished editing version one of my interview with UK artist Paula Mitchell painting ‘en plein air’ near her home in Hampshire. Paula shares her journey and we get to see how she works and the wonderful scene she picked to paint by the sea. In this video you will not seeContinue reading “Conversations with Paula Mitchell Painting ‘En Plein Air’”

Artist Studios & Inspiring Gardens

I’ve been doing a little research on famous artists, their studios and gardens that inspired them. Interestingly I couldn’t find too many famous gardens that artists had created in Australia, not as many as I found in Europe anyway. You may be aware of some of these, in particular Monet’s garden at Giverney, France. MonetContinue reading “Artist Studios & Inspiring Gardens”

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