“All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable, which makes you see something you weren’t noticing which makes you see something that isn’t even visible”

Norman MacLean, Author “A River Runs Through It”.

I am an Australian ‘Plein Air’ and Studio artist. I live on a small 10 acre rural property in NSW, Australia, where there is an abundance of beauty in nature. I am drawn to subjects that tell a story and look to capture the light, shadows as well as the mood in my paintings. I adopt a loose and representational style, that sometimes verges into the abstract. I paint a wide variety of subjects including still life, landscapes and portraits.

I spent my formative years going to school and growing up in Canberra, Australia. During this period I spent three years living in New Delhi India, where I picked up a very strong english accent and learnt to speak Hindi fluently, sadly I’ve forgotten most of it. My father was posted to India for his work. Later I and my family moved to merino wool sheep property in beautiful historic region of Gundaroo NSW before I headed off to live in Sydney for many years and where I met my husband. Whilst I have always been fascinated in art history, I did not pursue my interest in painting until 2007.  Prior to that I had been working as a Executive Coach and Recruitment specialist and earlier as professional stakeholder engagement specialist predominantly in the private sector.

Living in the bush instills a deep sense of respect in me for all nature, its beauty and unpredictability. I look for subtle tones, colours and shapes that inspire me. I see myself as painting by instinct and like to thoroughly research my subjects, creating numerous tonal sketches and watercolour studies. I describe myself as a story teller and colourist. When I am not painting I enjoy film making, teaching myself to speak Italian and reading.

I hold a diploma in performing arts and a Graduate Certificate in Management (Professional Practice) AGMC. I studied watercolour under two master Australian watercolour artists, firstly the late Noel Hart and more recently in 2018 with Chan Dissanayake at the Australian National University Centre for Continuing Education Art School. Since 2009 I have been experimenting and teaching herself how to use oils and mixed media, predominantly working ‘en plein air’ landscape painting.