Paintings at the Lake George Winery

We are pretty lucky to have the four seasons in Canberra and where I live in Wamboin NSW. I am looking forward to heading back to paint at the beautiful Lake George Winery. It has the most spectacular views and it just happens to be where I will be hosting my second and continued touring…

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Valleys Views and Vines – COMING SOON

Each week I’m slowly getting more of my painting framed, catalogued, numbered and ready for transport to my upcoming inaugural solo exhibition 30 September – 22 October 2022 at the beautifully restored historic Rusten House Arts Centre, 87 Collett Street, Queanbeyan on the 1st of October. [The exhibition…

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Upcoming Gallipoli Art Prize 2022

It has been a long journey, preparing, researching, then painting, framing and now delivering my small painting ‘Surveyors of Merauke’ into the Gallipoli Art Prize 2022. I reckon if my Dad and his mates were still alive, they would be happy to have a slice of their story…

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Emperors of Rome Podcasters

Emperors of Rome Podcasters’ Oil on Linen, 91.44cm H x 137.16cm W. The painting captures the contemplative and storytelling pose of two Australian history podcasters, bringing metaphorically ‘back to life’ the conversations of the Emperors of Rome. These stories and conversations present both the good and the bad…

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Taking Action Today

I am passionate about preserving endangered species and the protecting the environment. After listening to a life changing interview on the ABC Radio program I took up the challenge to no longer purchase products that use palm oil in them. I also found that it was so easy…

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Just finished my portrait of Caroline Deeble. My challenge was to create an authentic representation of an artist at a critical time in their journey, making decisions for an upcoming exhibition…

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Tells The Story

How fascinating to meet and paint the portrait of Captain Jim Paterson. I highly recommend, when lockdown is over getting aboard the ‘Cygnet’ tour for a relaxing cruise and to hear the stories of Canberra.

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New Portraits Underway

Preliminary sketch of one of my current portrait subjects. It is amazing though how much thinking goes into a portrait, for example I started planning for one of my portrait projects early in 2021 and only last week, after the Zoom shoot and about four days of sketching…

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In his portrait, I endeavoured to capture his look of sheer concentration and determination and then skillfully, using quick bold strokes how he allows the watercolour to do its thing.

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QPRC Art Scene

Magically last month, when Canberra was not in lockdown as it was from 5pm yesterday. I was in the right place at the right time visiting the historic Rusten House Arts Centre in Queanbeyan.

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Plein Air Painting in Bowral

If you are love to explore and spend time surrounded by beautiful gardens and all things historically Australian, then you might like to keep an eye out on my ‘Historic Houses and Gardens’ website page. I have carefully listed just a few of the many spots often included…

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Journeying with Arthur Streeton

Streeton Exhibition – 7 Nov 2020 – 14 Feb 2021 Limited number of timed tickets now available for extra sessions: 8-10am Friday-Sunday, 5-10pm Saturday. If you already have an untimed ticket, it is valid at any time. Last week I travelled back to see the Arthur Streeton Exhibition…

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Artists and Their Gardens

I like to travel and explore gardens and I have number yet to be visited on my bucket list. As a passionate gardener and oil and watercolour artist, I find lots of inspiration in gardens and nature. Mine is an Australian bush garden that is designed to attract…

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